Thought goes live with Shopify Integration thanks to Clekt Partnership and Enterprise Data Hub

Lady seated in soft colourful flowing dress from sustainable fashion clothing company Thought

May 2022

Thought, the sustainable fashion brand has gone live on Shopify as part of their digital transformation programme in partnership with Clekt, the data optimisation specialist. 

Shopify by its nature is a platform for growth businesses.  Whilst Thought made an investment in rich front-end capability to maximise customer experience it was important for them that they also invested in the data and integration architecture with Clekt, to further capitalise on their continuing growing share of the sustainable fashion market. 

Whilst there are many options for integration into Shopify available, these approaches are point-to-point, yet Thought invested into the Enterprise Data Hub from Clekt to integrate to multiple systems, centralise business data and put data driven processes at the heart of their business transformation agenda.  

Jane Dixon, interim ecommerce Director commented: “We gave our back-end systems as much priority as the front-end view to the customer. We considered much wider objectives than just an integration project.  The result is a robust architecture and a company wide access to a single source of operational and analytical truth that lays firm foundations for our growth. Whilst it was a complex project, we have been delighted that it’s been delivered within tight timeframes and budget.” 

Not only have Thought embarked on a digital transformation programme to embed core IT systems to enable them to capitalise on the market opportunity for sustainability but they have also carried out a brand re-launch, to establish wider market penetration and growth.  

Thought took the decision to re-platform their website to Shopify to maximise the recent growth they have experienced, since the market has realised the imperative importance of sustainable fashion. 

Susan Millin, Managing Director, Thought continued: “Clekt have put in a massive amount of hard work and long hours to get our Shopify integrations live and working smoothly.  We would not have got to ‘live’ in these timescales without Clekt’s commitment and dedication – and for that we are particularly grateful. Clekt have been a real business partner to Thought and that is really valuable in our ongoing relationship.” 

Andy Tudor, Clekt’s CEO commented: “When we set out to launch Clekt we wanted to build a business that genuinely partners with our clients. It’s great to gain such fantastic feedback, and confirmation that we truly are seen as a partner within the business. It’s great to see Thought live on market leading solutions and very well placed to service such an important growth market for sustainable fashion.” 

Thought have already integrated their new ERP platform, B2B sales platform, warehouse management system and other third-party selling channels through the Enterprise Data Hub. The go-live of Shopify is the latest step in their overhaul in systems and digital transformation and now they have both the front-end systems and backend architecture to support continued business growth.

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