Data is your best asset. Use it to power your business

Your data-driven future is here.

Use Clekt and the Enterprise Data Hub to leverage your data
to analyse and operationalise your business.

Watch here to learn more about the Enterprise Data Hub and what it can do for your business. Data is your biggest asset, how do you analyse it, measure it and leverage it?

Data supports better decision making, improves customer experiences, and drives more efficiency within the business. However, most businesses are not ready to leverage their data. It’s often siloed in separate systems with no single view of the truth, or the customer, and frequently not real time.

Businesses have tried to solve the problem with data warehouses, or big teams yet they still can’t leverage their data as the right foundation is not in place.

The Clekt Enterprise Data Hub provides modern data architecture and immediacy of data to future proof your business. Enabling you to analyse and connect your data on one platform. Bring all of your data from multiple different systems into one clear view, on one platform, for one truth. It’s a platform to power your business to the next level.

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It’s an exciting time of rapid growth for Clekt. As more organisations join the ranks of Enterprise Data Hub customers, we are also adding some key appointments to our team. We have appointed a new Chief Financial Officer to our board of Directors, Estelle Davies. 

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In April Clekt celebrated its first year and what a year it’s been. We have made a short film to celebrate 1 year in business.  

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