Why does your data matter?

Data is the lifeblood running through the veins of your business processes.

The problem is that data is often difficult to get hold of and use efficiently, particularly in well established businesses where business processes are dependent on older technology. Having the ability to access and use the data to create insight, make intelligent decisions and drive action can fuel every aspect of your organisation.

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We are a team of commercially minded technology & data experts all of whom have worked in well known businesses across different industry sectors. We apply our tech & data expertise to real world business problems and drive positive commercial outcomes.

Drive insight from Data

All businesses want to be data-driven; we make it easy. Margins are tighter than ever before, making gains and at pace imperative. Placing data at the heart of your business strategy you will generate insights that will drive actions to increase revenues and efficiencies across the business.

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Improve your Technology with Targeted ROI

Clekt provides both commercial and technical data expertise. We partner with organisations to improve their data capabilities through a staged investment in data, which demonstrates ROI at every step of your data journey as well as securing buy-in business-wide.

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Future-Proof Your Business

 Modern data platforms have levelled the playing field, making AI accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Increasingly, data will be a business imperative as those that adopt data to improve business processes will drive efficiency and improve revenues & profitability.  Companies that don’t innovate will be left behind.

We provide the support and vast experience to optimise your investment and future-proof your business,

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Building Data Foundations

Businesses are starting to realise the power of their data.  AI, Gen AI and Machine Learning are being talked about at Board level and for those investing, starting to yield results that impact the bottom line.  

While there are huge opportunities in this space, AI and Machine Learning require access to good quality, accurate data, which is unfortunately something too many businesses lack.  Fail to get your data right and the use of advanced AI is likely to have a negative impact on your business.  

Investing in the right data platforms and foundations upfront is imperative to realise this vision.  Equally imperative is demonstrating value to the wider business at every stage.   

Get in touch to find out how we take our customers on this journey.  

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Data Maturity Pyramid is a simple yet effective visual guide as to what organisations can expect to go through as they mature their data capability
Data driven customers

We work across any sector, for any business. Our customers are in sectors including retail, hospitality, travel, leisure, healthcare, professional services and real estate. The common factor is an ambitious, data driven approach to future-proofing business growth.

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