Snowflake Analytics and Business Intelligence

Driving Insight from Data Analytics

Accurate business intelligence and reporting rely upon a data foundation capable of providing access to good-quality data in a timely manner.

Using Data Intelligently

Data supports better decision-making, provides insight to improve customer experiences, and drives more efficiency within the business amongst many other benefits! However, most businesses are not ready to leverage their data. It’s often siloed in separate systems with no unified or consistent view of the truth and frequently not available to those that need it, in real-time.

4 people coding data_Cloud
4 people coding data_Cloud

Challenges in Accurate Business Intelligence and Reporting

There are several symptoms indicative of issues with access to data within an organisation.

The reasons behind these problems in many businesses relate to legacy data platforms or data lakes, which simply don’t provide the foundations for rigorous analysis of business performance, let alone create the data structures which could facilitate advanced analytics using Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

Modern data platforms mean the technology is now available and accessible for businesses of all sizes to process vast quantities of data in real-time, the question for businesses is how to adopt and use modern platforms.

Driving a Data Culture

Becoming data led requires a change in mindset across the business.  This means putting accurate information in the hands of people that can interpret it and make a difference.

Clekt help with defining and orchestrating data to be visible to your teams.  Our approach is incremental to bring the team along with the journey and encourage demand for more access to data to inform decision making.

We support our Customers with getting an accurate view of their current business today and through data analytics predict what is going to happen tomorrow.

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