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Leisure and hospitality covers a wide range of businesses, but what is consistent is that data really matters. There are so many different variables, from locality, to price optimisation during peak periods and the ability to forecast demand properly to drive profitability. All of this requires excellent access to data.

Managing different and diverse sites, targeting customers effectively, understanding true margin & true costs of running the business all come from near real-time access to data and the ability to surface this into genuine business intelligence.


In the leisure and hospitality sector we are able to:

  • Integrate complex operational systems in real time, improving visibility of performance and improving customer experience
  • Extract data from IOT devices to optimise spend on energy costs and flag maintenance issues
  • Provide insight into the impact of environmental factors on trading performance
  • Granular level data on key transactions, customers or ingredients to optimise trading
  • Demonstrate how distinct locations, create distinct customer requirements and incorporated demographic data
    … the list is endless

Ability to tailor menu offering to local clients

Are you able to gain insight into your trading data by location or timings? With near real-time data insight we can support clients to amend offerings to provide meal or drink options that suit a particular market, or time of day. With many vendors now utilising digital display boards, ensure that you are capturing the right customers with the right offer as a result of your data insight.

Maximising the multi-channel growth in the sector

With many vendors now continuing the expansion of routes to market through marketplace options or third party booking engines are you gaining the insight from these channels in addition to your on-site trading figures?

Drive operational efficiencies

Do you have insight into your operational costs, margins and performance of new product launches?

The ability to have real-time insight enables operators to have true visibility on ROI, and therefore make decisions more quickly, based on truth over assumption. Allowing progression in areas that support growth, fully prepared for the increased demand this will drive.

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