ThoughtSpot Consulting Services

ThoughtSpot has revolutionised how businesses access and use their data to drive real commercial value.

Providing a means for non technical business users to directly access the value within your data.

Whether you have made the decision to implement ThoughtSpot and want to be sure to get maximum value from the platform, or are considering investing in a business intelligence tool to enhance your competitive advantage, the Clekt team can support your journey towards a data driven future.

The most common questions about ThoughtSpot are answered below to help you understand more about what it is and what is offers:

What is ThoughtSpot?

ThoughtSpot is the AI-Powered Analytics company. With natural language and AI, ThoughtSpot empowers everyone in an organization to ask data questions, get answers, and take action.

ThoughtSpot is intuitive enough for anyone to use, yet built to handle large, complex data at cloud scale.

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Who is ThoughtSpot used by?

Being a natural language based platform ThoughtSpot is used business wide by Business Leaders, Data Leaders, Analysts, Product Builders and Developers. Your entire team can be empowered by data-driven insights regardless of tech capability level as it is easily operated by non-technical users.

What is ThoughtSpot used for?

ThoughtSpot is used to find data insights, highlighting opportunities for commercial gain across your organisation, extending the value of your data to partners and customers, and to automate business processes.

Is ThoughtSpot Scalable?

ThoughtSpot is a scalable, pay-as-you-go AI powered analytics solution. With entry level options suited to most businesses in a position to consider leveraging its data, with pay-per-query options as your requirements grow. You only pay for what you use and based on the value your business derives from data. 

ThoughtSpot Consulting Services 

As a ThoughtSpot consulting partner, with data and relevant industry expertise across the Clekt team, we will guide and assist the development of your data strategy, regardless of current data maturity and offer the level of support you need. We help deliver a demonstrable ROI on investment in ThoughtSpot.

Together we can define your ThoughtSpot requirements and provide the views, results and outcomes you require now and in the future.

Why Do You Need a ThoughtSpot Partner?  

ThoughtSpot has the potential to empower every individual in your business with the ability to quickly uncover data-driven insights. To put this in place a ThoughtSpot partner is needed to connect the dots: setting up and managing the integration for correct and optimised use, as well translating the requirements of business stakeholders.  

By using ThoughtSpot to visualise your data, any user within your organisation can perform simple searches using natural language, to instantly analyse limitless amounts of data, leveraging artificial intelligence and receiving relevant insights presented as answers to questions they might not have thought to ask yet.  

Mobilise a usable view of your data throughout your business with Clekt and ThoughtSpot

Once integrated and configured ThoughtSpot is straight forward enough for anyone within the business to use, no matter their level of tech expertise. Whilst remaining powerful enough to handle incredibly large and complex enterprise data without sacrificing security, speed or governance. 

We can support you with ThoughtSpot.

The Clekt team can support your journey towards a data driven future. We are official ThoughtSpot Partners as well as being experienced Snowflake partners and can advise and support you wherever you are on your data journey. 

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