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Leverage your data off the pitch to enhance the supporter relationship and drive commercial opportunities

How can data enhance your supporter relationship?

Sporting clubs are unique organisations, with diverse revenue streams and normally a committed supporter base, which presents huge opportunities to use data more effectively. Many clubs are in the process of formulating a plan for a smarter, digitally driven fan experience.

With our help, clubs can connect the dots between supporter experiences. Resulting in a real-time view for them to enhance operations on matchdays and build longer term more meaningful relationships with supporters.

Information and analysis are key to optimum performance on and off the pitch.

Sporting Clubs can drive more value from their data across all operations and supporter touchpoints. This includes the ability to harness supporter engagement across every channel. We have captured retail, matchday, marketing and sponsorship data on supporters engagement, giving one single view of the supporter across all aspects of the club. Our customers lay the foundation for the club’s data-driven relationship with their fans, which is focused on more personalised engagement and further enhancing the fan experience.

Improving commercial performance.

Clear consistent and actionable data from across the club not only has the capacity to improve the fan experience. It also has the power to attract and build better commercial partnerships with potential sponsors. By comparing 3rd party data with anonymised supporter data, Clubs can attract more relevant partners leading to more profitable outcomes for all sides.

Real Time Visibility on off the pitch performance.

In partnership with Clekt, there is capacity to process huge volumes of data in real time, perfect for managing busy sporting events. Whether this means providing the Board with revenue and performance metrics just after full time, or even using data to enhance the stadium experience during the game, good access to data opens up massive opportunities for clubs.

Clients Leveraging Data for Success:

Complete digital transformation is the goal for forward looking Sporting Clubs. With Clekt’s consolidation of data into one platform, you can analyse and subsequently operationalise this data, with a real understanding of how the club works based on data, not gut feel.

Read more of how this club has transformed operations and harnessed the power of their data, previously just out of reach, now firmly within their grasp.

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