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Utilise data to truly understand customers and drive profitability

How can data drive the retail sector forward?

Retailers are faced with challenging targets. Margins are tighter than ever before, growing routes to market, soaring costs, market pressures and a real requirement to know your customer. Needing to trial things fast to make a positive impact on trade is a must however many retailers have challenges efficiently accessing their data meaning that this opportunity to drive competitive advantage is lost. This is where Clekt’s support allows retailers to flourish.

Not only are we helping retailers view and access their data in real-time, facilitating this much-needed insight, we also enable the integration of new systems. Always putting data at the heart of the business.

We partner with a number of retailers, not only this, our founding members all have a background in the retail sector. This means we have a deep understanding of the market trends, the growing demands of the customers, key retailing periods, and what it means to become data-driven in this field.


Understand your customer better

Harnessing the power of data, you can begin to understand purchasing habits and customer needs. Facilitating the growth of a valuable and long-term relationship across your customer base.

Launch new initiatives with ease

Retailers often need to trial new ideas or initiatives in store or online. Lack of access to the good quality data, insight or the right integrations to enable this trialling of new ideas hold up the process or prevent it all together.

At Clekt we create scalable and future-proof data architecture able to connect legacy systems and new technologies, so providing the insight you need to power your business.

Integrate into existing systems or launch new software

We have a lot of experience in supporting retailers to go live on new operational platforms, such as Ecommerce platforms, ERP and marketing platforms. We are able to integrate to the most challenging legacy platforms, whilst building the foundations for future data success. Alongside our technical expertise, many of the Clekt team are former retailers themselves with practical experience running a range of projects, providing far more than just technical advice.

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