A Clekt Data Consultant – Meet Ghazal

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February 8th, 2021

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Insights & Thought Leadership

We thought it was time to introduce you to some of the people behind the Clekt platform, and showcase the way in which they work with our clients to unlock the value in their business data. In this post, we talk to our data consultant Ghazal and find out more about her views on using data to stand out from the competition.  

What a data consultant delivers to Clekt;

My work at Clekt is mostly around helping businesses to understand the value of their data and providing them solutions to make use of it. We provide a single enriched view of their data, that allows them not only to use it for analysis and reporting but to make clear business decisions that are backed by fact. It involves understanding what our clients are looking for in using their data, where that data exists and the best way to extract and analyse it. I feel it is essential now that almost all businesses make use of their data to keep up with their competitors and even more so to drive their competitor advantage.

How did you get into Data?

My journey started back in Pakistan, where I was completing my bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering degree. As part of my degree, we had a course on SQL, databases and data structures which laid down my interest in data, its management and organisation. Later when I moved to UK. I got the opportunity to explore more into the world of data through self-study and online learning. I came across Women’s Tech Hub and joined their meet-ups. This was a great opportunity to meet like-minded women who also shared the same passions in technology. This gave me the confidence and exposure to start looking for a role in the Industry, and my path from there has led me to Clekt.

How do you think data is changing? 

Data is becoming more powerful. Now more than ever it is providing insights to companies that are helping them shape their future digital journey. Understanding data is the starting point to solving problems. Having an outside view of how your company is performing is vital when industries are often so saturated. It’s no longer possible to just have a better product. If you cannot target the people who want your product or understand the buying behaviours of your target market, then you won’t stand out above the rest. Consumers want personalisation in a world where their decisions are already inundated by too many options. Data, when used correctly provides you with these outputs. In the right hands, it can provide you the 360 degree view you need to stand above the rest and that’s what we help you to achieve here at Clekt.

What do you enjoy outside of Clekt?

As part of my involvement in Women’s Tech Hub, I want to give back where I can. Therefore I have volunteered to help out the University of the West of England to give a talk on the ETL process, stay tuned for more on this. I enjoy passing on the knowledge I have learnt to others.

I also enjoy reading, calligraphy, geometric patterns & watercolour painting outside of work.

Finally, what is your favourite quote?

‘With hardship there is ease’