Bring Your Dog To Work Day #bringyourdogtoworkday

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June 24th, 2022

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Bring Your Dog to Work Day is every day when you find yourself evolving into a remote first team. Here at Clekt we have a range of fluffy, furry and feathered assistants, all adding value to the business in their own way.  

We would like to introduce you to a few of them below, and how they help their human colleagues.

Cooper: CEO – Chief Exercise Officer

According to Andy Tudor, Clekt’s CEO, Coopers official position within the company would be Chief Exercise Officer.

Speaking of his 4-legged activity buddy Andy says,

“Cooper ensures that I get some ‘me’ time as part of the daily routine; I’m out of the house with him at 06:45 every day for a 30 minute walk.”

Pete: Moral Support

Rob Mole, Clekt’s Customer Success Manager introduces Pete his 8 year old ex-racer greyhound.

Pete’s favourite thing to do is lie around and sleep. Though he seems to have earned it being a racer until the age of 5 when Rob adopted him.  He is often on the sofa in the back of Teams calls. Though he still loves to give chase to a squirrel or rabbit when out walking.

Bring your dog to work day: Pete Greyhound
Pete, retired sales hot shot

“When it comes to a working role Pete is retired, and far too lazy and laid back now a days.  In his time he may have been good at chasing down those sales deals, as long as he gets a rest at the end. For now moral support during meetings is plenty.” Rob reports.

Leia: Complete Disruptor

Leia (as in Princess Leia) is owned by Clekt’s CTO, Nigel Illingworth.

She is a British Shorthaired cat and they reside in Trebetherick, Cornwall.

Nigel says his 8 month old feline friends favourite activity is House “Par Cours” at nuts speed, and chasing any insect – harmless or harmful.

Her funniest trait is always being within a 2m radius of you, but always, always hiding. Hence her professional role could be nothing but a complete disruptor.

Tess and Kaiya: HR and Marketing Departments

Suzi Wyman, part of Clekt’s marketing department shares her home with 2 giant breed pooches.

Tess is an almost 2 year old Saint Shepherd, which is a St Bernard x German Shepherd, though the family tend to refer to her as a German Bernard.

“She sits on me wherever I am, on the sofa, on the floor it doesn’t matter to her. And she is a big girl to plonk herself down on a 5 foot nothing me! Apparently I am comfortable.” Says Suzi.

When asked what role Tess would be likely to take at Clekt, her reply was, “If the role of mother hen is not available Tess would be in HR. She loves people and making sure they are treated well I think she would excel at.”

A younger and soon to be bigger companion to Suzi and Tess is new addition Kaiya.

Bring your dog to work day: Tess St Shepherd
Tess (Texas when she barks too much)
Bring your dog to work day: Kaiya St Bernewfie
Kaiya, the latest addition to the marketing department

Kaiya is a 3 month old Saint Bernewfi, which is a 50:50 cross of a Saint Bernard and Newfoundland.

Both are very large and very soft natured breeds and this little girl is certainly as soft as snow.

Often found at the other end of a toy to her big sister, who regularly takes her for walks using this method. They provide much entertainment and make many appearances during meetings with their antics.

Kaiya I think would be in marketing, specifically event planning. She loves company but would like to be behind the scenes rather than front and centre of any attention.

Why This Matters to us Here at Clekt

The working environment at Clekt is one of partnership, cooperation and consideration.

We believe passionately in working as a team within Clekt, and in collaboration with our customers. This comes from so much more than a list of skills on our collective CV. During the pandemic we went from hybrid working to fully remote. We realised at that point how important sharing some details of our lives outside of work with each other was. Ensuring the team building and community surrounding the work we do remains strong despite seeing each other in person much less.

As we have continued to scale, onboarding team members based over the entirety of the UK, evolving into a remote first company this remains the ethos and the secret to which we attribute the strength of our team.

To connect with our team and discuss how we can collaborate on your data integration or intelligence projects, please enter your details here and a member of our team will be in touch.  If you wish to request one of the furry team members featured above please drop us a line and we will see what we can arrange.