Clekt Turns 2!

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May 4th, 2022

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May 2022

This month we reached our 2nd Birthday, and what a brilliant couple of years it has been! 

We’re so proud to work with some of the leading brands in retail, football and property, have experienced revenue growth of 100% since last year, and made numerous fantastic hires to carry this momentum forward into our 3rd year. 

Many of the brands we work with have completed integrations, and replatformed their systems to put data at the heart of their business, we are proud to be working with them to help leverage their future growth. We’re so proud of our teams achievements and wanted to say thank you to our employees, partners and clients for another fantastic year in business. 

We’re created a video featuring some of the team. Watch here:

Andy Tudor, CEO said “When we set out to launch the business, the intention was to enable brands to realise more commercial potential from the data that’s flowing around their business. We’ve created the Enterprise Data Hub which supports businesses to remove complexity of how they flow data around their organisation, and to create a pathway to create commercial value from the data that exists within silos across the business.  We wanted to remove barrier to accessing sophisticated analytics and data science and importantly we wanted to create a flexible, cost-effective systems architecture, which is data driven by design.” 

Nigel Illingworth, CTO commented that “Data is everything these days and it’s absolutely immense.  Whether we buy ticket, go online and shop, go and browse the internet, at every part of the journey data is collected.  Traditionally companies gathered the data but then didn’t really know what to do with it, coming up with the odd report or dashboard, but it wasn’t a cohesive policy. Clekt has added professionalism to the whole area, collecting data, cleansing it, filtering it and surface data in an appropriate view.  Suddenly adding massive value to the data that exists.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for our clients and our future clients to gain real business value.  It’s such an exciting time, and we need to engage and look forward to it as much as possible.  Happy birthday Clekt, it’s great to be part of the team.” 

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