Data Sharing on Snowflake

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October 10th, 2023

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Neilsen Data Clean Room on Snowflake

You may have missed it, but a couple of months ago Nielsen announced they would be introducing a Data Clean Room on the Snowflake platform to share their audience data with customers via the Cloud.  

So why does this matter unless you’re interested in accessing data from Nielsen?  

It points towards a much bigger shift in how companies share data with each other.  

Data Sharing is Historically Complex

Sharing data with Suppliers, Partners and Customers has always been painful.  For most sharing data between internal systems is painful enough, but this is magnified when you consider the complexity of sharing data with other businesses!  

Complex integration solutions and methods of transforming data are almost always required, which adds time and cost to any engagements with 3rd parties.  

Simple & Secure Data Sharing

Snowflake through their Data Clean Room are revolutionising how organisations share data with each other.  Provided both organisations are using Snowflake, a subset of appropriate data can be shared simply & securely between the respective companies’ environments in real time.  

Nielsen’s announcement is an important product development for them, but also demonstrates how forward-thinking organisations can accelerate their business growth through data and effective use of modern data platforms.  

The full story I can be read here and get in touch if you’d like to understand how your business could benefit from Data Clean Rooms.