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September 27th, 2022

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Ecommerce Integration

At Clekt we have helped our customers integrate most of the major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Shopify Plus, Big Commerce, Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The eCommerce integration market is an increasingly crowded space though, so if you’re planning a website re-platform, what are your integration options and why might you work with Clekt?   


Ecommerce Integration Platform 

It’s obvious to say, but so much of the success of your new Ecommerce platform will be based on how it talks to other operational systems to provide an excellent customer experience in real time, as well as how easily you can extract insights from your web channel.   To help with this, there are lots of off the shelf integration platforms which promise out of the box integration in/out of your web platform. This works really well if you have modern operational systems with well documented API’s, your systems aren’t customised and you follow fairly standard retail processes, which generally applies to smaller, start up retail businesses.  



Does the below apply to you? Do you have:

  • Fully modern operational systems in place
  • Well documented API’s
  • No system customisations
  • Follow standard retail processes

If so, off the shelf integrations platforms will likely suit your needs.

However, if the above criteria doesn’t apply to your business, you need to think differently about integration, which is where Clekt comes in. 


eCommerce Integration Architecture 

We are specialists at enabling retail businesses to adopt new Ecommerce platforms, even if they have complex business processes that require system customisation or legacy infrastructure to integrate into.    In addition, many businesses we work with require retail expertise to interpret and propose an integration framework to match their business requirements.  Most of our team have worked for retail businesses themselves or have a lot of experience, providing more value than technology alone. 


Building Foundations for Future Integrations

Any major technology platform implementation also provides a perfect opportunity to think more strategically about how data is used more generally across the business. Through Clekt, we use tactical integrations to start building the foundations of a plug & play integration platform. Which makes future system integration much easier. We also store data for analytical purposes (data warehouse), giving real time insight on the performance of your business. All added benefits of integrating a new platform into your business. 


So, if you’re implementing a new Ecommerce platform, or any other technology platform, get in touch to see whether our approach could be relevant.