ISO 27001: We’re Certified!

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January 14th, 2021

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What is the most important quality in a data partner? An ISO27001 certification! 

Data security is one of the largest concerns for most businesses, whether they know it or not! A data security breach can lead not only to a large fine, but substantial reputational loss and brand damage. We believe all  businesses should have access to the gold standard of data security, which is why we knew that as a service provider, achieving our ISO27001 certification had to be a business priority. 

In this post, we outline why Information Security needs to be at the top of the agenda and what quality guarantee you can expect from an ISO27001 certified supplier.  

We’re certified!    

Building our Information Security Management System (ISMS) has been months of hard work, but we are proud to announce we have been awarded the ISO27001 certification, the highest standard data security award. But why did we choose to do it so early into our journey and what was the driving force behind it? 

 “Achieving our ISO 27001 certification early in our journey is deliberate and a huge achievement by our team. We are passionate about helping our clients to achieve the highest business value potential from their data and our own standards need to be second to none in order to make that happen.” 

Andy Tudor CEO, Clekt 

Why is Information Security important now more than ever?    

Information security and data protection is a hotter topic than ever right now. We’ve all heard the stories of major corporates letting customer data slip through their fingers and receiving huge fines from the ICO (we’ve heard horrifying figures such as 4% of global turnover). While organisations scramble to patch holes in their data strategy, keeping up with ever tightening regulation is a huge challenge, not just for large businesses but for SMBs too. 

 Gone are the days when simply having a privacy policy was enough to satisfy your customers; individuals are becoming much more aware of their ownership of their data, where it’s being held and what it’s being used for. What’s more, with the introduction of GDPR, potential fines and reputational loss, companies are having to increase their understanding of information security and make sure their processes and procedures live up to the high expectations of the consumer.  

But what do these processes really mean? Maintaining a record of their PPI information safely? Making sure Marketing doesn’t email a list of customer credit card details? Well yes, both of those are perfectly good examples, but it’s much more than that. It’s about building the foundations of your activities to incorporate a company-wide understanding of the need to protect information, at every stage of its lifecycle. Ensuring that you, as a company, can confidently say you understand the journey those pieces of information take as you use them across the business.  

Add in the fact that as data expertise becomes more specialised, organisations are making use of third-party data partners to meet their requirements. As a result, they must proceed with extreme caution when it comes to selecting someone they can trust with this most crucial of assets, their customer’s data. 

Data Security as a way of working 

Our approach is to build privacy by design into all business processes, so that it simply becomes a way of working, rather than an additional burden. The journey to achieve our ISO270001 certification challenged us to analyse the way we do business, and as a result, put us in a great position to guide and inform our customers of the best security practices for them. As a supplier, we ensure that we keep the highest of protocols for our customers’ information management, and it’s the same high standard that we build into our clients’ internal business transactions.  

At Clekt, Information Security is a key part of what we do, we understand the importance of protecting our own data, and our clients’ data. Information Security needs to be at the top of the agenda when selecting a supplier, remember ISO27001 provides a quality guarantee. If you would like to know more about how Clekt could work with your organisation to create new business value from your data and enhance your data security, then please get in touch and we would be happy to talk.