Our Latest Breakfast Event – Driving Value Creation from Data

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March 28th, 2022

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Written by Alex Broxson, Head of Marketing, Clekt

Last week we partnered up with Hyper Group – a decision intelligence specialist to host our latest breakfast seminar in the Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard.  We had a brilliant turnout, filled the room, and had some excellent discussion surrounding data. Not only this but the weather was fantastic, and the views were something else.

The day’s discussions were centred around how to drive value creation from data, how to engage teams and encourage the right behaviours with the adoption of the right tools to deliver the value.

At the event, we heard from Ed Child, Global Head of Consumer Data and Digital Analytics at Costa.  Ed shared Costa’s data journey so far, and the ways in which they are joining together data from multiple different retailing experiences with the launch of their loyalty app.

Ed shared that “Everyone in the business wants to understand the customer” – as such they are really looking at their data to do this and drive a seamless personalised experience.  He shared examples of how they are already doing this through ‘intelligent menu boards’, that provide personalised digital menu display based on the store traffic. He continued that “Intelligence is the bit that drives business value” – we held some great conversations about how to do just that.

Next up we heard from David Reed, Knowledge and Strategy Director from DataIQ. He presented on how to build the data foundations that lead to transformation.

He shared a quote from Lorenzo Bavasso, Director of Data Analytics and AI at the BT Group:

“Businesses should have a business strategy that encompasses data – rather than a data strategy.”

David went on to say that “In order to prove the value of the data and the changes that have been made as a result, you need to look at measurable success and own the wins.  Keep tracking everything you have embedded into each project and shout about the successes”.

We thoroughly enjoyed the event, and it was so great to be in a room of people again.  We are building our community of data specialists, and those who want to learn how to drive value from the data within their business.   If you would like to be involved in the next event, submit your details here and we’ll get you on the list!

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