Rob Mole, Customer Success Manager Joins Clekt

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May 3rd, 2022

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May 2022

In our latest blog we speak to Rob Mole, who has joined our growing team at Clekt as Customer Success Manager.  Read on to find out all about Rob and why he’s joined us: 

  1. Why did you decide to join Clekt, and what attracted you to the company?  

What attracted me to Clekt was that it’s a progressive company in an exciting and fast-growing area for technology.  Data is so important to understand within all aspects of a business and understanding the data is a powerful tool.  A lot of companies are waking up to this, and not just in retail.  Working with Clekt to help companies realise their data potential and enable this is exciting to be involved with. It was great to get the opportunity to work with people who have got a such good reputations within the industry, who understand the pain points of technology across different system architectures, and above all else are building a great team who are working closely together.  

Clekt is a great and fast-growing company and it was exciting to get involved in something like this.  I personally feel like I can bring something to the table at its current stage of growth, and support the future journey.  It’s a great match. 

  1. What is your background and previous roles?

I’ve spent the last ten years in retail software solutions, across various roles I have been involved in the delivery of projects spanning across most aspects of the system architecture, ERP, website re-platforming, CRM systems, EPOS systems, and Data Layers to name a few.   As well as enabling multi-channel customer offerings I feel I’m well positioned to understand the systems architecture of our clients and support their future transformation projects. 

I’ve worked on both sides of the fence – delivering projects as a supplier for retailers.  Working as Business Analyst, Solutions Consultant and Project Manager.  I’ve worked on the retail side as a Senior Project Manager for fashion retailer Karen Millen and more recently as Head of IT & Solutions at WED2B as part of the senior leadership team for the business.   

3. . What will you be doing in your role at Clekt?

My role will involve looking after the clients, ensuring that they are getting the best out of their implementations. I will be helping them shape their ongoing data strategy, to ensure data is at the heart of everything they do to gain the maximum benefit and growth opportunities moving forward. 

At a more detailed level I will be driving service reviews and ensuring the support agreements are in place as clients transition from project to ‘business as usual’ services.   My role touches on lots of different roles in Clekt including, sales, marketing, and operations.  We want to ensure that our clients continue to have the ongoing support after the project has gone live, and further develop our relationships with our customers. Our approach is one of partnership, and we want to support our clients to realise the power of their data so they can make informed business decisions.  Building and maintaining our partnerships allows Clekt to help our customers and be an integral part of their future strategy and success.  

4. Tell us a few interesting things about you. 

I am a family man but outside of the family and the dog I like to keep fit generally. I still play football albeit at veterans’ level now. I also coach my sons’ youth football team. Weekly I do play much less energetic pub darts.  

Away from sport I like food and drink, especially my wine and am a part time wine enthusiast/reviewer/writer. I have already influenced some members of the Clekt team to make some purchases. 

Actual (kind of) interesting fact… 

I once sold a pair of shoes to Rock Legend Alice Cooper.  

They were white winklepickers (google it) he is a size 9 if you were interested.  

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