Roundtable: The Dissemination of Data & Insight Across Your Organisation

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January 31st, 2023

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Last week we hosted our most recent Breakfast Roundtable in partnership with decision intelligence experts HyperFinity, where data leaders from a wide range of industry verticals enjoyed breakfast and conversation, rich and teaming with insight.  

Pale Blue Front Door of Zetter Townhouse venue for our Data Breakfast Roundtable
Zetter Townhouse in Farringdon, the venue for our recent Data Breakfast Roundtable.

The morning session was attended to capacity by an array of senior data professionals across retail, media, sporting club and hospitality sectors. The topic of this events dialogue was the dissemination of data and insight across business organisational structures. 

Facilitated by Jack Bennett (Head of Central Insight & Analytics) & Emma Wicks (Head of Editorial Analytics) from the Telegraph and Ian Shepherd, Chairman of Bensons for Beds the open forum was a hotbed of shared experiences, perspectives, and alternative viewpoints. 

Our attendees were from a range job roles up to Board level which provided a range of views and meant the conversation naturally flowed toward our and the attendee’s focus: how best to achieve progress through data and insight regardless of resource architecture.  

The roundtable took place at the Zetter Townhouse in Farringdon, which is a beautiful venue and provided a wonderful breakfast spread to fuel the conversation.  

Many thanks to all the data and technology leaders who took time out of their day to attend and make the discussion what it was. The room brimmed with enthusiasm and a shared passion for the optimum use of data, which would not have been possible without our speakers or the energy the attendees bought with them on the day. 

Discussion around how to disseminate data across your organisational architecture

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