The Snowflake Data Cloud, its Workloads and What it Means for Your Business Goals 

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February 14th, 2024

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The Snowflake Data Cloud, its Workloads and What it Means for Your Business Goals

The Snowflake Data Cloud, its Workloads and What it Means for Your Business Goals 

Last week we announced our progression to Select partnership status with Snowflake.   We are dialling down on our partnership with Snowflake because of the huge opportunity we believe their Data Cloud brings to the market.   

We still see a lot of conversation in the market about businesses investing in a data warehouse or a data cube.  Whilst it’s imperative to have an excellent data warehouse for an accurate real time view of your business, this is just the start of your data journey and a highly performant platform like Snowflake gives massive additional scope for growth. 

Implementing Snowflake in your business provides a path to advanced data use cases like Gen AI, Machine Learning and Automation, positioning your business for future growth.

Why Is Snowflake Different from Other Data Warehouse Providers?

Snowflake does offer hugely efficient data lake and warehousing as foundational capabilities but has an ever-increasing list of additional use cases. These possibilities, referenced by Snowflake as Workloads; AI, Generative AI and Machine Learning, for example, present an unmatched, revolutionary potential to organisations who buy into their cloud data platform to accelerate their business through data.

Unlike their competitors, Snowflake major on data and are constantly adding new innovations to their platform.  Their commercial model is consumption based, so you can adopt as much or as little as the platforms capability as you need and any spend can be truly measured for ROI. 

This is why we have chosen to partner with Snowflake, to support our customers in driving value into their business through data.

The Snowflake image above can be found here and simply illustrates the vast reach of data use cases within modern business, all aspects of which can be leveraged via Snowflake workloads.

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