Solving Business Challenges with Data: Series 2

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June 21st, 2024

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Solving Business Challenges With Data

Q & A with the Clekt Team

We have data in many siloed locations and systems. We have tried to consolidate them in the past, but our efforts have been unsuccessful and outdated before they have been completed. How can we avoid the same thing happening again?

Steve Haines, Clekt Head of Engineering addresses this question.

The data space has evolved very rapidly over the past couple of years & modern data platforms like Snowflake mean we can do a lot more and in a much quicker time frame. This evolution means it is now easier to create a single view of data when you have access to the correct industry understanding and technologies.

Expertise and experience are key in managing large-scale programmes of work. Often our first engagement with a customer includes complex networks of migrations and results in an established data foundation, providing a single view.

A data partner well versed in supporting customers in this process can produce high-quality results in a very short time frame, whereas a stand-alone internal team with limited experience and resources face an impossible task.

Bringing a data partner in to establish a data single view means the quickest route to ROI and additional business value can be realised at pace.

Alongside the technological side of the conversation around the creation of a single view of data, it’s imperative to consider the project in terms of business outcomes and ensure the project outcomes are aligned with the expectations of what the business will get out of the investment.

Engineering teams can and must be focused on how we drive real value for the customer, communication is key here. Internal and external teams need to be clear about what constitutes value for the customer, as data projects will only succeed when commercial value is perceived by the wider business. Once this is achieved, increased buy-in into the potential ROI in data will result in the consideration of more advanced projects.

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