Our story so far…

Delivering a better, stronger and more sustainable future for our clients.

Every new company starts life as a good idea that somebody has to do something better than it is currently being done. But just doing something better is not enough; to be successful, you must do whatever “it” is much better than it has ever been done before. 

Our Founder, Ian Cray, is a reputable practitioner in the data industry and has been for many years. He has seen the benefits companies get from using their data to improve every facet of the business; from optimising longstanding processes to creating and pioneering new ones, that deliver competitive advantage and drive growth.

But Ian is mindful of the challenges that creating and managing effective data solutions present to companies. From the skills, knowledge and experience needed, to managing fluctuating volumes and formats in the data, and the costs associated with delivery and ongoing ownership, Ian knows that some, or maybe all of these points stop companies from becoming more data driven.

Our aim is to work with companies, by encouraging them to think outside the box, and turn good ideas into great realities. We support them to create a delivery framework to provide results better than what has been achieved before. We have combined our technical skills, data modelling, and analytical capabilities, introduced commerciality, and overlaid our management experience to come up with a solution that delivers a data driven, insight inspired, innovative future for our clients.

Our Vision.
“To enable companies to increase the value of their data by using it to optimise, innovate and drive the future growth of their business.”

We have a passion for data, and in particular for making great things happen by using it effectively.Data has a value, but it is nominal unless it is used to make positive differences to how companies do business. Our mantra is that the more it is used to power innovation and drive business growth, the more its value grows. The growth is exponential when data is used as the platform for digital transformation is what we call the ‘opportunity gap’.