Symptoms of Poor Data Quality, Accessibility & Timeliness

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September 14th, 2022

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Insights & Thought Leadership, Solving Business Challenges With Data

Symptoms of Poor Data Quality, Accessibility & Timeliness 

What are the symptoms of poor quality data, data accessibility issues and the problems of timeliness in data availability?

This infographic shows the common symptoms.



Stifled Innovation 

New initiatives are expensive and slow to launch.  


Lack of Visibility of Key Business Metrics

KPI’s not available in real-time to drive action at the point of highest impact.


Analysis is Static & Retrospective rather than in Real-Time

Too much time spent wrangling data rather than driving intelligence based decisions.


Missed Opportunities 

Conversions lost and sales potential not realised.


Decision Making Uncertainty

84% of CEOs are concerned about the data they base decisions on. 


Unnecessary Operating Costs 

Manual processes taking up resources when automation is a cost effective option.


Disjointed Customer Experience

Customers not receiving a hyper-personalised experience across touchpoints.


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