The Clekt Journey Begins

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May 8th, 2020

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Clekt launches to help businesses realise the real value of data – bringing data through from legacy systems into an environment where its value can be maximised. 

“Clekt”, a play on the word “collect”, is all about data – the strategy, the management and most importantly, the use.

Clekt is built around three pillars: data strategy, data engineering and its own platform, also called Clekt. Clekt enables businesses to bring their data together from multiple sources which can be used to deliver valuable insights, facilitate digital transformation and drive business growth.

Company Founder, Ian Cray, is a reputable leader in the data industry. Ian has worked with a variety of clients across different sectors, and continually strives to push the boundaries to deliver what is needed to get value from data. Joining Ian is CEO, Andy Tudor. Ian and Andy first met when Andy was Technology & Data Director at Monsoon Accessorize where he was responsible for leading the digital transformation of the business. Andy joins Clekt from his most recent role as Omni Channel Solutions and Partnership Director at OneStock.

The expertise and proficiency of the founder and CEO is complemented by the rest of their team, including entrepreneurial COO Claudia Hesleden and Chairman Alan Morris who was the co-founder of Retail Assist.

Alan Morris, Chairman of Clekt and founder of 3 successful technology businesses said, “Data is what data does and when it is used effectively, it will make a business more successful. Companies should not just collect, store and secure their data for observation-based reports and dashboards. People must learn the difference between observation and insight and think differently about data from the start.”

Ian Cray, Founder of Clekt added, “Companies fearful of falling behind in digital transformation because of legacy constraints, need to speak to the Clekt team. We bring data through from legacy systems into an environment where its value can be maximised.”

The subscription-based service can be used to feed anything that relies on there being a high quality and timely data source. Ian added, “Clekt can make Artificial Intelligence applications, Business Intelligence tools and Machine Learning become a reality. We are actively partnering with technology providers; whose systems and applications use the data we curate in ways that deliver significant business benefits.”

Andy, CEO of Clekt is proud of the team and looking forward to the launch. “We have put a great team together who are incredibly passionate about unleashing the value of data. The launch is promising, with some great clients already on board and more in the pipeline.”

Bristol is seen as the UK’s technology hub outside of London and Manchester and Clekt will be a welcome addition to this thriving industry. Andy added, “We are proud of our city and are getting actively involved in a number of local socioeconomic initiatives that improve our community.”

Clekt can be applied to any industry and the team is equipped to help companies optimise their value potential using data. To find out more about Clekt, email moreinfo@clekt.co.uk