Welcoming James Springham as Head of Sales

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May 18th, 2020

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As part of the growth plans of Clekt, a new forward-thinking data company, James Springham has been appointed as Head of Sales.  Bringing over 10 years sales experience to the role, James will become an integral part of the Clekt team, with a key responsibility to spread the message of how valuable data can be. He spent his last 5 years working at Poq, a SaaS platform for mobile app commerce and this role gave him a thorough understanding of the significance and increased use of data in every business. 

James said, “My time working in the retail sector highlighted that data presents the single biggest opportunity for companies, but many of them still do not fully utilise it as an asset. Businesses have access to more potential sources of data than ever before, but it needs to be brought together in one place to provide an enterprise view of data for better analysis, improved optimisation and to deliver the perfect platform on which to build a successful digital transformation strategy. The team at Clekt are incredibly passionate about unleashing the value of data and have developed a compelling platform to help businesses turn data into their biggest asset.  I’m looking forward to working together with them to bring this to market and help them achieve their growth objectives.”

Andy Tudor, CEO at Clekt said, “The Clekt team is delighted to welcome James at such an important socio-economic time. Never has it been more essential for industries to digitally transform and leverage the value from a data-driven approach to business.”

Andy continued, “James brings a wealth of experience in business development and supporting clients to get value from technology investment. His approach will be to partner closely with Clekt clients and ensure that our platform and services consistently add value.”

Clekt is understandably excited about this latest development – which promises to contribute considerably to the growth of the company and increase exposure for the brand.

Clekt can be applied to any industry and the team is equipped to help companies optimise their value potential using data. To find out more about Clekt, email Alan Morris at alan.morris@clekt.co.uk.