Why Do You Need a Snowflake Partner? 

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February 8th, 2024

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James Springham, Commercial Director, Clekt

This week we have announced that Clekt have achieved Select Partner status with Snowflake.  We have been working with the Snowflake Data Cloud and Team for the past couple of years, but we are scratching the surface of the possibilities in this space. 

The data opportunity for all businesses is huge, from data analytics, to data science and of course AI…. Most businesses lack the data quality, technical systems and internal knowledge to really exploit this.  Becoming data first as a business unlocks revenue opportunities, drives efficiency and grows enterprise value.  

Snowflake’s Data Cloud is the engine which can power this journey.   The pace of technological change in this area means most businesses have little internal technical knowledge on how to develop a modern data infrastructure, nor the business experience to use data effectively. 

Clekt therefore sit at the intersection of working with business and technical teams to help them understand the data opportunity and deliver data infrastructure with Snowflake at the heart.  We deliberately work on a incremental project basis with focused tangible business outcomes, as we’ve found this is the best way to deliver business change and foster a data culture. 

As we look ahead, it will be imperative for every business to invest in their data, getting this right now will futureproof your business in the long term, but failure leads to a lack of trust in data and can cause serious damage. 

Achieving Select partner status with Snowflake means we can help more businesses harness their data for commercial value.  Whether you have invested in Snowflake already or just at the start of your data journey, Clekt can help!  

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