Why is Data Team Tenure So Short?

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July 18th, 2023

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Insights & Thought Leadership
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Studies into the tenure of Data Teams across industry verticals, including one carried out by 365 Data Science conclude that the average tenure within the Data department is 1.7 years. With less than 2% remaining in post with the same employer for 5 years or more.

Given the potential return for companies employing Data Teams, why is it that Data Scientists, Analysts, Engineers and CDOs are not sticking around beyond these relatively short periods of time, given that 4.1 years is the current median tenure?

Data Skill Demand

Within Modern Business, data skills are in high demand. In fact, 365 Data Science found that employment rates of Data Scientists are expected to grow by 36% from 2021 to 2031, over and above the average 5%. Given the level of demand for such professional skills could it be that salary expectations are high, and individuals move from post to post for an increased annual income?

Data Role Frustrations

Could frustrations within the role, stemming from lack of access to good quality data, lack of buy-in across the wider senior team or a mismatch of values between the business and the individual be more likely causes?

Businesses Need Data Skills

In reality, it is likely that a range of the above factors contribute to the shortened average stay of data professionals across industries. But with an ever-increasing demand for Data Professionals, for organisations to benefit from investment in data teams and to extract the commercial advantages available within their data, something needs to change!

Data Partnership

Clekt’s approach is to work in trusted partnership with our customers. We support the development of data strategies, aligned to growth and profit objectives. We create staged delivery roadmaps to achieve positive commercial outcomes from data, with ROI achieved at each increment. We work as an external managed service or as an extension to in-house data teams. We have a multi-skilled team, removing risk from your business associated with employee churn.

Our mission is to mobilise the world’s data into positive outcomes for All. Your goals are our goals, and we use our expertise to guide you into a successful data driven future.

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