Beginning Data Maturity: The Foundations for Success with Data

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July 19th, 2023

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The 1st stage of Data Maturity is BEGINNING DATA MATURITY.

Some organisations try to reach this level by installing small in-house teams, some have already invested in-house and realise the result is un-reachable without extra help, some come to us before investing in-house at all for support and guidance.​

The key objective in working towards a BEGINNING level of Data Maturity is to create the plan for​ a data driven future.​

How to Begin the Data Maturity Journey

When assisting our customers to the Beginning of Data Maturity, we aim for the following: ​

  • To integrate siloed data to create a single view of the truth.​
  • To standardise data to create structure & improve agility.​
  • To address core data skillset issues.​


 ​Guidance For a Successful Data Journey

Clekt work as partners to our customers, supporting towards growth through actionable insights and ROI in data. To this end we understand the value of your team and culture and support you in building a data strategy and staged delivery roadmaps to achieve positive commercial outcomes from data, with ROI achieved at each increment.​

​What is the Next Step in the Data Maturity Journey?

The next step once this foundation of the “Data Level” is in place is towards Emerging Data Maturity.​

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