Emerging Data Maturity: Use Data to Facilitate Business Understanding

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July 19th, 2023

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The 2nd stage of Data Maturity is EMERGING DATA MATURITY.

The key objective in working towards an Emerging Data Maturity is to give Business stakeholders the ability to use data to facilitate business understanding.  

Continuing the Data Maturity Journey

Working towards the 2nd stage of Data Maturity involves: ​

  • Securing the foundations of a modern data stack​
  • Creating a consistent technical architecture​
  • Ensuring a single source of truth​
  • Surfacing accurate data

 Outcomes of Emerging Data Maturity

Once transition from the Data layer to the Information layer is complete the following will be in place:

  • Data leadership established.​
  • Data available on demand.​
  • Automation optimising business processes.

​How to Successfully Invest in Data Maturity

Investment in data maturity can be daunting. With our staged approach, allowing opportunity to prove ROI at each stage mitigates your risk.  And changes the perception of the process data transformation from a cost to be kicked down the road, to an investment in growth and future opportunities.

​What is the Next Step in the Data Maturity Journey?

The next step is towards Developing Data Maturity and the Knowledge Level.​

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