Developing Data Maturity: Use Data to predict future performance

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July 20th, 2023

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Insights & Thought Leadership
Developing Data Maturity

The 3rd stage of Data Maturity is DEVELOPING DATA MATURITY.

The key objective in working towards an Emerging Data Maturity is to extend your capabilities & use data to understand the past and to predict future performance.

Continuing the Data Maturity Journey

Working towards the 3rd stage of Data Maturity involves: ​

  • Establishing actionable insights.​
  • Use of Machine Learning and AI to support Board access to insights.​
  • An increasing complexity of data use.

 How to Graduate to Developing Data Maturity

For transition to the Knowledge layer to be achieved it is vital that progress to this step is made at the right time, that data literacy and the data culture within the organisation is improved and that data leadership is fully established.

An Expert Partner in Developing Your Data Maturity

Clekt support our customers with all aspects important to the success of this programme of work, which includes data culture development, literacy and training. We see ourselves as an extension to your internal teams and as such wish to share our ethos to growth through data with every level of your organisation.

​What is the Next Step in the Data Maturity Journey?

The next step and final leg of the Data Maturity journey is Mastering Data Maturity.​

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Let’s Talk Data Maturity

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Our mission is to mobilise the world’s data into positive outcomes for All. Your goals are our goals, and we use our expertise to guide you into a successful data driven future.

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