Positioning your business to leverage AI 

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July 31st, 2023

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Leveraging AI

There is a lot of conversation about Artificial Intelligence. Have you considered what opportunities AI could open up for your organisation or what practical ways your business can improve through leveraging AI?  

What Can AI Offer? 

Amongst many other opportunities, AI facilitates: 

  • Advanced and automated data analysis. 
  • Data-driven decision making. 
  • Optimise your business operations. 
  • Automation of routine tasks – saving valuable resources. 
  • Identification of new routes to market and opportunities to increase top line revenue 
  • Enhanced customer experiences through personalised recommendations, predictive analytics, and seamless interactions. 

AI is an Addition Not a Replacement 

Modern AI is more than a technological investment, it is the key to driving innovation, agile operations and achieving sustainable growth in this ever accelerating digital era.  

However, it does not stand alone. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms and ability to drive commercial growth requires targeted human input and access to high quality, accurate data.  

The best business applications of AI will be delivered by a combination of proprietary company data and industry expertise.  

AI and Data Foundations 

Have you considered the following essential points to effectively leverage AI throughout your organisation? 

  • How accurate, up-to-date or useable is the data available to your team? 
  • Is ALL of your data available to EVERYONE who needs it? 
  • Do you have a simple use case which can be trialled with existing data sets? 

Good data foundations are an imperative to drive the implementation of Artificial Intelligence within an organisation’s tech stack. To read more about the stages of data maturity, or for a full walk through from the beginning stages to the implementation of AI on a data maturity journey, click here. 

What Can You Be Doing to Proactively Position Yourself to Leverage AI?

How can Clekt support in providing a path to help you proactively position yourself to leverage AI? 

Preparation for use of AI within your business is dictated by your required business outcomes and your data strategy. 

We apply our data expertise with a commercial lens, supporting customers across all industry verticals achieve sustainable growth and increased revenue through the leveraging of their data. This can only be realised once required business outcomes are identified, allowing a path to be mapped, to bring them to reality.  

The first step is understanding the quality of accessible data and the data maturity of an organisation.  It’s imperative appropriate technology foundations exists to avoid costly, time consuming and ultimately unsuccessful investments in AI.  

An initial audit from Clekt can include:  

  • A third party assessment on your data strategy   
  • Support with the business case for investing in data and identifying relevant AI use cases 
  • Assessment of internal capabilities, technology and operating model 

What Can You Be Doing to Proactively Position Yourself to Leverage AI?

As experts in leveraging data through a commercial lens we support our customers in every step to achieving their required business outcomes. 

Where do you think there is an opportunity to leverage AI now/in the future and have you got a clear path on how to get there? 

Get in touch and we will help you explore the topic of AI and relevancy for your business, allowing you to strategically plan for a sustainable future.